The children are our future!
Literacy reduces delinquency,
crime, poverty, ignorance, prejudice,
hatred and instills values which last a lifetime.

Be part of that legacy on your terms!

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Be part of that legacy on your terms!

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My Book Angel is a non-profit service designed to provide much needed books to children everywhere. When school districts implement their budget cuts, many times the school libraries are the first to lose their funding. Text books are expensive, and often our classrooms are using outdated or insufficient materials to teach our children. Our goal is to help keep current, much needed materials flowing into our schools.

My Book Angel is a way for you to get involved in this very important undertaking. Utilizing online services such as, you are in control of how your donation is used.

You choose the number of books and frequency of donations according to your budget. You also choose whose lives you will influence and improve, whether it be the children in your child's school, an under-privileged school across town, your niece's school across the country or indeed across the continent!

Our non-profit organization will track your donation record and affix the appropriate donor's crest with your name (unless choosing to be anonymous) in each book, as follows:

Gold Book Angel:
Pledge 12 or more books over a period of 1 year.

Silver Book Angel:
Pledge 7 to 11 books over a period of 1 year.

Bronze Book Angel:
Pledge 2 to 6 books over a period of 1 year.

Book Angel:
Pledge 1 book.

There are no hidden charges. These are safe secure credit card purchases through trusted for items to be shipped to the U.S and for items to be shipped to Canadian destinations.

The school library selects its desired books; the donor chooses the ones that suit his or her budget and purchase dates. To register a school or for more details about donations browse this site at your convenience. We will be waiting with your wings.

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